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Deversifi DVF Dash

Airdrop Campaign with a pool of 2,980 $HERO

A whole lot of new drops ✌️

The full thing is pinned at the top of the strategy section, but in includes a wordy interview with a marketer, a consultant and an artist who work with NFTs. As interesting as it is for research, it very possibly tells you nothing new. So, here’s just the bottom line.

New bounties and bonuses ✌️

A lot of bounties and new markets opening ✌️

Interesting markets this week


Bitgesell (BGL) Weekly Lotto Lucky Draw

Bunch of bounties ✌️

Stable Blockchain Bounty Work

CoinChum Bounty

SmartShiba Activity Bounty

Bunch of new bounties ✌️

Deuterium Yield Gen social media bounty

WIF Bounty campaign

BitcoinOnline Bounty Work

In the blog:

  • Staking Guide 2021: How to stake from wallets, how to stake via crypto exchanges, how to get staking yield through staking pools.

Ulti Arena Reddit Network Campaign

LooksCoin Marketing Bounty

ATNET / Airdrops / Trading / Tools

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